Game # 18Girls Under 12

Thursday, Thursday, May 23, 2019
Woodbine 3 East @ 18:30


Kingston Clippers GU12




Quinte West GU12


Exit 401 at Highway 38 / Sharbot Lake exit. Go south on Gardiner's Rd. to Princess St. Turn west and go to Bayridge Drive. Turn south and then immediately west on Woodbine Road and watch for fields on your right

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Boys Under 9
Quinte WestPreKU
Belleville APrePegasus
Clippers APreBelleville B

Boys Under 10
King U BPreKing U A
Clippers APreClippers B

Boys Under 11
Quinte WestPreClippers A
King U BPreKing U A
Clippers BPreBelleville
PegasusPreKing U C

Boys Under 12
Belleville BPreBelleville A
Quinte WestPreKing U
Clippers APreClippers B

Girls Under 9
Clippers BPrePegasus
BellevillePreKing U

Girls Under 10
Clippers BPrePegasus
Quinte WestPreBelleville
King UPreClippers A

Girls Under 11
King UPreQuinte West

Girls Under 12
King U BPreClippers
BellevillePreKing U A


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