Combine Invitation - SOSA Elite Academy

Dear Parents;
Please allow this letter to be a means of introduction. My name is Jim Cannovan and I am the Technical Director for the South Eastern Ontario Soccer Association (SOSA). SOSA is the governing body, which is responsible for soccer in your area. Together with your soccer club we are working very hard to create opportunities for young competitive male and female players in our district.

I have been scouting many of the games played across the district over the past 4-6 weeks. At these games I am often delighted with the talent and skill I see on the field. I have been busy writing down names, speaking to coaches and club Technical Directors. Having said that we owe it to our players to do everything possible to bring them to an Elite level. Elite athletes are not born they are the outcome from hard work, commitment and quality training.
To bring together the best talent from Quinte to Brockville we have started the SOSA Elite Academy. This Academy will bring incremental training and opportunity to players from across the district. As this is our first year of putting this Academy together we will be focusing on 4 age groups for both boys and girls. (U11 – U14 or birth years from 2002 – 1999).

The Academy will commence after the summer soccer season is complete and will work in conjunction with your clubs training programs. It will set and expect a high level of commitment from the selected players. There will only be 20 female and 20 male players maximum selected per age group from across the district.

The Academy’s objective is to provide provincial/national level training here in SOSA for those players who want a future in soccer. With a core of highly skilled coaches, an intensive and demanding program and world class facilities, it is time to raise the bar. I would expect the outcome to be the ability to create many pathways for your child. Whether that is playing for your province, your country, professionally or equally as important a scholarship to play the game they love at a first class College or University. These are true pathways for your child.

Having the best talent, no exceptions, training together will accelerate the development. The training for this program will be spread across the district based on where the Academy members live.

The first step in this process is making sure we have the best of the best identified. It is also important to know who is close so that we can keep an eye on them for future opportunities. Having said that I am conducting an open “Elite Soccer Combine”. The combine will evaluate your player on fitness, skill and game play. If you believe your son or daughter has the skill and commitment level to be selected to the program please contact our office. We have selected two weekends to run these combines. Numbers will dictate the final schedule. Boys (born between 2002 – 1999) will be held July 28 & 29. Girls will be held August 18 & 19.

You must pre-register with the SOSA office prior to Friday July 13th @ 2:00. Walk on registration will not be accepted on the day of the combine. The event will be held at the Invista Centre field. Start times will be finalized after the close of registration and will be posted on our website. There will be a nominal fee of $20 per player, which will be collected on the day of the combine. Please contact our office either by phone (613 546 6642) or email ( prior to the deadline. Early registration would be appreciated.

This combine is crucial in allowing my team of coaches to see and ID your child. It will be from this combine that I will base the majority of my selection of Academy players from. Please don’t miss this opportunity for your young player. The time is now to significantly raise their potential. Every year that goes by is another year where we waste what is possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to helping your child realize their dream.

Best Regards,
Jim Cannovan
Technical Director
South Eastern Ontario Soccer Association

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