Bulletin from the OSA - Retreat Line Reminder

Bulletin #: I2015-025 
Date: June 11, 2015 
To: District Association Presidents, District Administrators 
CC: OSA Staff 
From: Bobby Lennox, Manager, Player Development 

Subject: Retreat Line Reminder 

In order to improve our young players’ comfort and confidence on the ball and have the ability to play out of the back, the retreat line was implemented in April 2014 in grassroots soccer in Ontario. 

As indicated on the Development Matrix, the retreat line is mandatory in U8 to U12 games in Ontario. We have been informed that some Coaches and/or Match Officials and Game Leaders are deciding not to use the retreat line in small-sided games. 

We strongly believe that this player development tool will enhance our young players’ technical and tactical abilities and that is why it has been put in place. 

The retreat line must be used in all Development stream games from U8 to U12. Coaches and Match Officials do not have the option of not using this tool. The retreat line is also in place in OPDL U13 games as a development tool. 

Many training resources have been delivered to assist coaches, Game Leaders and Match officials in their understanding of the Retreat line development tool. They are available by clicking each of the following: PresentationWebinarSummary 

If you have any questions contact Bobby Lennox at blennox@soccer.on.ca

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