Steps for an Application to Travel Permit:

  1. Go to OSA website-
  2. Under top heading “Events”, click on “Tournament Directory
  3. A red bar across the middle  of your screen will appear that says “Tournament Directory”, click on this
  4. In the top right corner of your screen, click “I want to Register
  5. Enter the following required information;
    • District
    • Club Name
    • First and Last Name
    • Email\password
    • Phone Number

      Now Click Register

  6. Now that you have successfully registered, you are able to create and request an ATF
  7. Click ATF and enter the following information
  • District Name
  • Organization Name
  • Team Name
  • Team OSA #
  • Gender
  • Age Group
  • Jurisdiction
  • Contact Name,  Phone Number, and email
  • Destination
  • Date
  • Season
  • Event Name

Now you must read and agree to terms and conditions

*Save and Submit*

8. Once you have submitted your ATF, you will get an email confirming your request sent                                                                                           to the District Office, they have 7 days to validate your ATF

9.  You will receive and email when the District has validated your ATF

10.  Now you must check the tournaments rules and regulations regarding whether they        want the ATF’s sent electronically ahead of time, or if they want you to bring a hardcopy with you when you register the team at the tournament (NOTE: It is recommended that you bring a hardcopy print of your ATF once approved by District to the tournament)

*To view and print ATF, click on the green eye beside the Application ID number 

NOTE: If the ATF is for a player wishing to travel and play in an exhibition game,  the AHEG (Application to Host Exhibition Game) must be approved by the district prior to the ATF being approved.  
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