U21 Coed SOSA League



1.0 Registration

Every player must be registered before participating in any games.

2.0 Player Playing Time

All coaches must endeavour to give all players equal playing time.

3.0 Games

(a) Teams shall be ready to play at the scheduled time, irrespective of the weather conditions, unless each team has been previously advised of postponements by the League.

(b)  Each Team must bring 3 gamesheets generated from the SOSA League website to all games with all the players named listed on it

(c) If a player is listed on the gamesheet but does not show up to play, the players name must be crossed off the games sheet

(d) All games will be played as scheduled unless cancelled:

1. at the discretion of the referee; due to bad weather or ground conditions; or

2. at the discretion of the League or the two coaches.

(e) Game nights will be Monday nights with start time of 6:30pm

(game nights and start times are subject to change from season to season)

4.0 Substitute Referee

(a) If the appointed referee is late, the coaches may start the game with a Qualified substitute referee. The appointed referee shall take charge of the game on arrival.

(b) If No referee shows up to the game, the game will be abandoned



5.0 Points

Three (3) points shall be awarded to the winning team.

One (1) point shall be awarded to each team for a tie.

6.0 Player Ejection

If a player is ejected from the game by the referee, he/she must leave the playing area

6.1 Caution and Ejection Reporting

All cautions (yellow cards) and ejections (red cards), must be noted on the game sheet by the referee.

7.0 Number of Players

(a)Teams shall play 11 aside and there must be at least a minimum of 3 female players on the field at all times.

(b) If a team cannot field 3 girl players, then the team must remove one player for each girl missing and play short handed.

(c)Number of players per team is 21.


9.0 Bench Area

The bench area shall be deemed to be one metre from touch line and ten metres from each side of centre.  Coaches, Managers and substitute players shall be restricted to that area. Both teams bench area shall be on the same side.


10.0 Conduct

(a)The coach is responsible for the conduct of players and supporters before, during and after the game.

(b)Smoking by coaches and managers in the bench area during the game is prohibited.

11.0 Harassment

Any player, coach, manager, or member of a teams support party, impeding, harassing or intimidating the referee, players or coaches shall be subject to disciplinary action. Any member of a teams support party who refuses the referee's request for that individual(s) to leave the park/field area, will cause the game to be abandoned and disciplinary action to follow.


12.0 Laws of the Game

Games shall be played in accordance with the F.I.F.A laws of the game, unless superseded by the League.

13.0 Duration of Game

2 periods of 45 minutes

14.0 Ball Size

Size of ball #5

15.0 Timekeeper

The referee is the sole timekeeper.

16.0 Referees

Each club is responsible for assigning and paying Assistant Referee’s during regular season

17.0 Substitution

Substitution can be made at goal kicks, kickoffs, injury and at teams own throwin. The opposing team is eligible to substitute if the team who has possession substitutes


18.0 Players Equipment

Players equipment will consist of numbered sweaters, shorts, socks, shin guards, and shoes. Sweaters must be tucked in and shin guards must be covered while player is on the playing field.


19.0 Game Reporting

Each team is responsible for reporting the game results on the SOSA League Website and all misconducts to jsagriff@soccer.on.ca  within 48 hours of game completion

20.0 Slide Tackles

Slide Tackles are prohibited

21.0 Schedules and Standings

Schedules and Standings will be published on the SOSA website www.sosaleague.com

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