Girls Under 17/18

1Belleville GU181281333181525
2Quinte West GU181273231181324
3Kingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District125252419517
4Kingston Clippers GU17 (2001) District123182035-1510
5St Lawrence United GU17123181937-1810

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1Lauren KERANSSt Lawrence United GU1712
2Heidi LACOSTABelleville GU1810
3Leah MCKISSOCKQuinte West GU1810
4Ella BANNONBelleville GU186
5Cailea WEIRSMA-AYRESQuinte West GU185
6Emily BUCCIBelleville GU185
7Emily STEELEKingston Clippers GU17 (2001) District5
8Jordan PYNEKingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District5
9Kaleigh COCOKingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District5
10Maddison NOLANKingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Tess WHITNEYBelleville GU184
2Ashley VANDERPLOEGQuinte West GU183
3Angie SMULDERSKingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District2
4Brianna GOSLINKingston Clippers GU17 (2001) District2
5Angie SmuldersKingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District1
6Aurora BLACKKingston Clippers GU18 (2000) District1

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Boys Under 9
Belleville BPreKingston U
Quinte WestPreBelleville A
Pegasus APreClippers A
Clippers BPreClippers C

Boys Under 10
BellevillePreKingston U A
Kingston U BPreClippers B
Quinte WestPreClippers C

Boys Under 11
Clippers BPreClippers C
Kingston UPreClippers A
Quinte WestPreBelleville B

Boys Under 12
Clippers BPreBelleville A
Belleville BPreKingston U

Boys Under 13/14
Clippers5 - 0 Kingston U
Belleville10 - 2 Clippers A

Boys Under 15/16/17
KU1 - 1 North Leeds
Quinte West 6 - 0 Kingston U 1
Quinte West 1 - 2 Belleville

Girls Under 9
Clippers BPreBelleville A
Kingston UPreClippers A
Belleville BPrePegasus

Girls Under 10
ClippersPreBelleville A
Kingston U APreQuinte West
Belleville BPreKU B

Girls Under 11
Quinte WestPreKingston U

Girls Under 12
Kingston U APreKingston U B

Girls Under 13/14
Kingston U A3 - 2 Quinte West
Belleville2 - 6 Clippers

Girls Under 15/16
St Lawrence0 - 5 Belleville 1
North Leeds4 - 0 Quinte West

Girls Under 17/18
Clippers 182 - 0 St Lawrence


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