Girls Under 15/16

1Kingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District15112249143535
2North Leeds GU1615101445192631
3Quinte West GU151582543271626
4Belleville GU14 135172229-716
5Belleville GU15144373534115
6St Lawrence United GU15140113374-711

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1Sarah BROWNNorth Leeds GU1614
2Tromp KIRAQuinte West GU1514
3Eisenstadt CHLOEQuinte West GU1513
4Sarah-Lyn YOUNGNorth Leeds GU1613
5Ava HOPEKingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District9
6Zoe UENSBelleville GU158
7Cassi YEATMANKingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District7
8Cassie DIXONKingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District7
9Mariel PEREZKingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District7
10Jillian MACIVERBelleville GU156

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Kaitlyn HOLLIDAYNorth Leeds GU165
2Kristyn DAVISKingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District5
3Brynne BARRETTBelleville GU154
4Folan AINSLEYQuinte West GU154
5Julia DEFOSSEBelleville GU14 3
6Amelia DIAZKingston Clippers GU15 (2003) District1

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Boys Under 9
Belleville BPreKingston U
Quinte WestPreBelleville A
Pegasus APreClippers A
Clippers BPreClippers C

Boys Under 10
BellevillePreKingston U A
Kingston U BPreClippers B
Quinte WestPreClippers C

Boys Under 11
Clippers BPreClippers C
Kingston UPreClippers A
Quinte WestPreBelleville B

Boys Under 12
Clippers BPreBelleville A
Belleville BPreKingston U

Boys Under 13/14
Clippers5 - 0 Kingston U
Belleville10 - 2 Clippers A

Boys Under 15/16/17
KU1 - 1 North Leeds
Quinte West 6 - 0 Kingston U 1
Quinte West 1 - 2 Belleville

Girls Under 9
Clippers BPreBelleville A
Kingston UPreClippers A
Belleville BPrePegasus

Girls Under 10
ClippersPreBelleville A
Kingston U APreQuinte West
Belleville BPreKU B

Girls Under 11
Quinte WestPreKingston U

Girls Under 12
Kingston U APreKingston U B

Girls Under 13/14
Kingston U A3 - 2 Quinte West
Belleville2 - 6 Clippers

Girls Under 15/16
St Lawrence0 - 5 Belleville 1
North Leeds4 - 0 Quinte West

Girls Under 17/18
Clippers 182 - 0 St Lawrence


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